Friday, December 10, 2010

Seasonal Decorations at the Biltmore

First, the exit from the old lobby. In ye olden days--1923 and on up to the late 1980s--guests entered the Biltmore from 5th Street, and after registering they crossed the lobby and went up a short flight of stairs. See all the ribbons and lights and greenery? The stairway is just beyond, coming up from either side.

At the top--through this doorway--is a long hallway with doorways leading into fabled places like the Crystal Ballroom or the Emerald Room. Also along the hallway are wonderful blown-up black-and-white pictures of the past 50 years, including one of the opening night party in 1923.

BTW, the ceiling is not wood (I didn't know that; maybe every other Angeleno does). The ceilings are plaster, painted to look like wood. Much easier to maintain, and no worries about termites!

This lovely room is the current lobby. It used to be the Music Room. It was also the room featured in Ghostbusters, where our heroes cornered their first (I think) weiner-eating ghost. Not New York, but right here at the Biltmore.

The counter for guests is just to the right, out of this picture (which isn't such a great picture, I admit. The hotel website has pictures, but I'm not too crazy about them either.)

Anyway, I've been so busy that I haven't posted to this website as I should, but I did get to go to the Biltmore a few days ago, it's gorgeous (duh!) and if the pictures don't do it justice...well, heck, go there in person and get an eyeful! The LA Conservancy does tours of the building every Sunday!

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