Monday, November 22, 2010

Mystery Mosaic in Playa Vista

And by the way, when did Westchester become Playa Vista and why? Does it sound more exotic?

I like the community but I think Aero Vista might be a more appropriate name.

I digress. This mosaic puzzles me. I personally think it's lovely. I'm sure it was stunning when installed (before some bozo decided to cut a door opening through it). The snake, in particular, still fascinates today. The colors are bright though the tiles seem to be coming loose. And no one, as far as I can tell, knows anything about it.

The mosaic faces Sepulveda, just south of Manchester. The address is 8618 Sepulveda, and a sign on the building reads "Orthopedic Medical Group of the West." The sign may be dated, though there is a Sobol Othopedic Group in the building.

A call is in to the Historical Society of Centinela Valley and the building owners, so if I learn more I'll post it here.

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