Saturday, August 18, 2007

Spinout at Dodger Stadium

Since I love hearing about the history of Chavez Ravine and Dodger Stadium, the story on Walter O'Malley's Official Website struck a chord. It's all about a 3-day shoot in 1966 of scenes of Elvis Presley's movie Spinout. In the picture, the hillside behind parking lot 38 is visible.

It's a long piece, so here's a taste:
“The majority of the movie was shot elsewhere, but what they used Dodger Stadium for was the start and the finish line for the racing scenes,” said Smith [Bob Smith, who became VP of Stadium Operations]. “It was filmed near where the Union Oil station is by Lot 26 (now known as Lot H). They set up some dressing trailers and I remember that I saw Elvis, but he had bodyguards around him. They really didn’twant it known that he was even out there. They were on site for three days — a set-up day and shooting the second and third days. There were a lot of camera people. Elvis would drive by the start and the finish line and then they would go back and forth and do it all again. They dressed up the parking lots to tie it in with the rest of the racing scenes where the movie was shot, so it would be hard to tell it was at Dodger Stadium.”

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