Wednesday, August 8, 2007

LA Times 3rd Annual Treasure Hunt for Food

The hunt for the best food deals county-wide includes (at the number 3 spot, no less!) the most overlooked and undervalued Googie restaurant around: Chips, in Hawthorne. I love this place. It was in the movie Hollywoodland, and the TV show Heartland (is that still being shown?).

The LA Times celebrates Chips' breakfast, as well they should. They don't mention the silly meal names (the Elvis, Casablanca Gringo, or James Dean omelettes, f'rinstance, or the Three Stooges Combo) but the Times had to squeeze in 24 other treats in the 3-page article.

I'm glad the Times does this--how else would I know about "Figs in a blanket" at the Wilshire Restaurant? Offered at happy hour, 5-6:30, M-F.

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