Monday, August 20, 2007

Pershing Square

Cecilia Rasmussen of the L.A. Time wrote a wonderful article about Pershing Square, full of history and anecdotes, with a digression on the original Rin Tin Tin. She made short work of the post WWII era, when the parks was "brutally excavated . . . Auto ramps replaced cypress trees . . . The site was covered with concrete and topped with a thin layer of lawn."

I'm glad I don't remember that. But in addition to Rasmussen's piece, here are links to Pershing Square stories and even more pictures:
  • Blogdowntown
  • Los Angeles City Parks & Recreation Dept's Pershing Square page
  • PublicArtinLA's history taken from an LA Conservancy brochure of the 1990s, along with vintage pictures and a link to the current public art there

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