Thursday, August 23, 2007

Little Tokyo News

The L.A. Times worries that the recent sales of the New Otani Hotel (built in 1977) and the Japanese Village Plaza (built 1984) will change the nature of the community. But as the paper reports:
"The buyer of the New Otani is 3D Investments, a private, Beverly Hills-based real estate partnership that owns several commercial properties, including the two most prominent hotels in San Francisco's Japantown."

"The new owners of Japanese Village Plaza are planning improvements as well. . . . Malibu-based American Equities will spend "several million dollars" to refresh the two-story outdoor pedestrian mall of Japanese-themed shops and restaurants between 1st and 2nd streets, President Marvin Lotz said."

Sounds like they know what they're doing. Meanwhile (since 1977 and 1984 are way too recent to interest me much) here's a nifty history site about how Little Tokyo was turned into Bronzeville during World War 2.

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