Friday, August 10, 2007

Rialto Theater

Is being on the National Register of Historic Places no longer enough to save a building?

Landmark Theaters seems appropriately proud of Pasadena's Rialto Theater, which it acquired in 1976. Two years later, the Rialto was added to the National Register. (Click here for the theater's history, starting with 1924 construction.) It's not making money, so Landmark intends to close it on August 19, according to the LA Times.

These pictures of the Rialto were taken by Annie Wells of the Times for a July 18 story. At lower right, theater manager Jeremy Willis talks to a group touring historic theaters.

The Jebbia family has owned the Rialto since the 1930s, but Landmark has a long-term lease, so they can close it if they like. The Rialto is in need of renovation, which costs money.

Lankmark says it might consider "other uses" for the space, but it's all very vague--except for the August 19th date. That seems quite exact. The theater will be closed after that day's film.

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