Monday, August 27, 2007

Obituary: Joseph Young

A small collection of sites where Joseph Young's public art can be seen:

At left is the Triforium, his most notorious piece—2 pictures including an aerial view are on the Public Art in LA site, as well as background information on the "poly-phonoptic kinetic tower" (which is what he called it).

The Mural Conservancy of Los Angeles lists the following works and their addresses, but little other info:

That last item (Water Sources in L.A. County) is outside the Hall of Records on Temple Street. Pictures of it, under the name Topographical Map, are on Public Art in LA along with background information. The Los Angeles County Arts Commission also has a page on this mosaic and granite mural, done in 1962.

His last work, finished in 1992, was the Los Angeles Holocaust Museum Monument, pictured at right. Information about this is on the Public Art in LA site, but the Monument has its own website as well.

Below is a picture showing part of the mosaic mural that decorates the exterior of the Mathematical Science Building at UCLA.

Young's obituary in the Los Angeles Times is here. Read another memorial at the Mosaic Art and Glass Art blog.


Lorretta said...

Interesting to know.

Lassie said...

Much more information on the works of Joseph L. Young can be found at his Facebook Fan page:

If you have particular questions please email there. Thank you!