Thursday, August 9, 2007

The Liquid Muse

TheLiquidMuse blog, which follows the news of cocktails and bars in Los Angeles, is launching a newsletter featuring a unique L.A. watering hole each week. As Muse Natalie puts it:

The Liquid Muse Cocktail Club's Cocktail of the Week (a weekly "museletter" ) tells you what we're drinking and where. (Imagine something similar to Daily Candy - only weekly - and bar / lounge oriented)Additionally, many of the places featured will have drink specials / appetizer discounts, etc. if you mention The Liquid Muse.

(It's not technically related to history--but I'm sure some of the featured places will have long-standing roots in the community. And everyone who's interested should know about this wonderful site.)
Sign up for the Wednesday newsletter (giving you time to make plans for the weekend) here.

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