Thursday, August 9, 2007

250 Sq Ft Apartments? Why not?

Both the LA Times and LA Weekly confirm that our City Council voted to loosen up those pesky density rules in the downtown area. Builders can now design larger buildings, exceeding current restrictions. Proponents claim that 15% of the new units will be low-income housing. Wonder how that 15% correlates to 250 square feet apartments, the new minimum?
The new zoning regs also lower the required square footage of green spaces, common areas, lobbies, and space between buildings.

The Times points out that New York and other major cities feature small living spaces and do quite well with them. Of course, New York and other major cities also feature subways and mass transit. Los Angeles has . . . a great little system if you want to get from Union Station to Claremont in under an hour. All other destinations? Forget it.

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