Monday, January 24, 2011

Visionary Artware Producing Mosaics Today

Today's mosaic entry is a business, operating in Long Beach out of a bright gold bungalow with tons of flowers and art pieces in the front yard: Visionary Artware.

Visionary Artware offers classes in mosaic assembly and design, but mostly they produce mosaic pieces for homes. At left is an example of what they can to for furniture. That's a wardrobe! The doors are fitted out with mosaic tiles of bamboo.

The master craftsman and owner of Visionary Artware is Mina Barnes, who teaches the classes and (according to the reviews) has created a true community in her studio.

They have a Facebook page too, where you can print out a 10% off coupon before visiting...because Visionary Artware doesn't just build these exquisite mosaics on commission. They also sell vases, tables, wall hangings, and all sorts of smaller works in their boutique.

This second picture shows part of a back yard entertainment center, with mosaic benches and artwork framing the barbecue. After years of apartment/condo living, the thought of having a back yard is overwhelming--kind of like the idea of overdosing on Oreo cookie cheesecake. I can't even imagine it, but I can imagine going to a party in such a place.


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