Monday, January 10, 2011

A Mosaic Monday Pass

Straying out of Los Angeles County to say "Happy Anniversary" to Adam Arenson, whose blog on the Home Savings buildings is one year old today.

Adam's post today is on the La Mesa branch, completed in 1976. The picture at left comes from Allan Ferguson's Flicker stream, and shows the bank in 2007. Barbecues Galore has moved on, and the building is empty and available.

However...Adam's post does not feature this front mosaic of men on horseback (though he may speak about that next time.) Nope, if you follow the link you will see text and photos about Susan Hertel's whimsical whale mosaic that crowns a side entrance.

So go see it, and then look over previous posts about former Home Savings & Loan branches in Los Angels, San Diego, and Orange counties. Adam has some great photos, not just of mosaics but of murals, stained glass windows, and sculpture. He has even published a picture of a "Lost" Burbank branch mural that was boarded over, and presumably still exists, safe behind a boring white wall.

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Adam said...

Thanks for the best wishes! Yes, the horsemen on the front will be in the post this coming week.