Friday, January 28, 2011

Playing Catchup....

...'s'all I seem to do lately. Anybody else feel the same way? Oh, well, it's better than being bored.

Here's a Patch article about the mosaic at Grand View Blvd. Elementary School. That's a picture of part of it at right, and I did blog about it on a Mosaic Monday post back in October of last year.

But the new article springs from an interview with the teacher, Tami Smith, who designed it and helped all the kids at the school design their tiles for it.

* * *

Also want to mention that I had coffee with a wonderful San Pedro blogger and historian who walked every street in San Pedro and wrote about it at "San Pedro Block-by-Block". She's also part of the Grand Vision group that supports the beautiful Warner Grand Theater.

A note: We are at the southern end of LA here and kinda far to make real connections with most Los Angeles bloggers. Or writers. If any writers in the harbor area want to meet, I think we should. It would be great to have a writers' community for mutual support, advice, and occasional whining.

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