Monday, January 31, 2011

Silver Lake Mosaic (it almost rhymes!)

The Silver Lake home of artists David Edward Byrd and Jolino Beserra (Beserra is the mosaicist) is full of mosaics--so many, in fact, that the Los Angeles Times has an online photo spread of the place.  It was published about two weeks ago, and I missed it because I finally ended my subscription to the Times....sigh. It just wasn't getting read.

Anyway, the actual article link is here. I copied a pastiche photo (all pictures taken by R. Daniel Foster) showing details of several mosaics. The image on the left is, I believe, from the fireplace. The couple's portraits and birthdates are embedded somewhere in there, according the the Times.

All the mosaics use not just tile and glass, but ceramic figurines, thimbles, toys, bottles, marbles, bright rhinestone pins and jewelry, even coffee cup pieces, as you can see in the center mosaic. That one has an image of an LA street car just out of sight to the left of the ceramic spice jar--which belonged to Beserra's grandmother.

As for the third picture, it's from an outdoor shower. Of course.

According to Beserra's home page, the style is called "pique-assiette." There are plenty more pictures, both of his home and other installations, on the site. He's been written up in Sunset and other magazines, and I hope he doesn't mind that I borrowed this picture of him at work.

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