Thursday, July 4, 2013

MGM in 1962

Shorpy displayed this photo, which originally ran in Look Magazine, of a scene being shot in Culver City for the Dr. Kildare TV show. That's Richard Chamberlain standing to the right, and the photo was taken by Earl Theisen.

The Shorpy on the back of the Dodge Dart had to have been Photoshop'd in--but look, it even has a reflection!

This other photo (on the left) showing the car from the front got a lot of comments: several folks id'd the camera as an Arriflex 2C, a mobile, handheld camera developed in Germany and used by Leni Riefenstahl--a fascinating bit of trivia. In the smaller photo, Chamberlain is driving.

An astute commentator (on Shorpy) said the location was on Culver Blvd., just inside the Menton Gate. The place is now Sony studios, of course, but the buildings haven't changed much. Big tree is definitely gone (hey, this was 51 years ago!) but I think some of the buildings are the same.

In fact, if you look at this Google maps location, I think you'll see that the brick building inside the lot just to the right of the tree shows up-the second story anyway, and the taller building beyond it is visible.

If I'm oriented correctly, that means a big ol' parking garage now covers the left side of this studio street. and the water tower would be just behind and to the right of the top picture.

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