Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Food Sherpas in Los Angeles

You know they're there . . .

I've blogged about them before . . .

They've been on local TV . . .

But now they're in the NY Times!

I'm talking about Melting Pot Food Tours, of course. Lisa and Diane Scalia started this company five years ago, escorting groups down 3rd Street between Farmers Market and the Beverly Center, with stops to sample the wares at tea shops, Joan's on Third, The Little Next Door, a culinary book store that is gone, Travelers' Bookcase, etc. etc.--and that's not even mentioning the shops in Farmers Market, like Pampa, where we sampled Argentinian meats, then other shops for homemade donuts, monkey bread, gourmet olives, and more.

So . . .as all successful businesses do, they've expanded.

And gotten press, and a trendy name: Food Sherpas.

Melting Pot's Thai Town Tour, led by Chef Jet Tila, is what made the NY Times (along with tours in Paris, Istanbul, Rome, and San Francisco by other entrepreneurs).  But Melting Pot still tours the Third Street/Farmers Market area every weekend, and there are also tours in Old Town Pasadena (at left, enjoying authentic gelato), and the East Los Angeles "Latin Flavors Tour,"  that features old-style (LA's 1st tortilla factory and family owned eateries) and new (health-conscious pupuseria).

You can also meet Diane Scalia (in the picture above), at her "day job" (though it's actually an evening gig) at the Bar Comida at Chez Melange in Redondo Beach, where she serves up both traditional and some innvative tapas. (Her Green Gazpacho is to die for!)

And yes, she's a dear friend, and I'm very happy to post about her success!

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