Monday, February 25, 2013

Mosaic Monday at the Oscars

I saw mosaics at the Oscars last night--mosaics and very Celtic spirals. And I'm not the only one who saw mosaics here--Lillian Sizemore posted the photo at left on her FB page, showing the mandala behind the classy dance number! (which of course came after the raunchy singing number, which was inappropriate but since the grandkids weren't watching...I loved it.)

The designer was Derek McLane. I've looked but have been unable to find anything about the stage design beyond many articles celebrating the 1500 pounds of Swarovski crystals imported to make the shimmering, beautiful, curtain. That got a lot of PR. 100,000 crystals! Although it's not new; McLane has created Swarovski curtains before.

This lovely top picture is from Reuters, btw, taken by Mario Anzuonia. The original & accompanying story is here.

And...that's all I got this Monday.

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