Saturday, February 2, 2013

Filming Mildred Pierce in Glendale

Sadly, most of the places are no longer around, but the 1945 Mildred Pierce movie was filmed largely in Glendale. In fact, Mildred's restaurant was none other than Henry's restaurant on Colorado Blvd, a "streamline moderne" style place.

This picture is NOT from 1945--looks a lot more like the 1980s. It came from the LA Library's photo collection.

I'd like to tell you more about Mildred Pierce but I'd be stealing, so instead, just follow this link to Katherine Yamada's great article in the Glendale News Press. The article has a picture of Henry's too.

Yamada has tried to pin down the house from the movie, and mentions some other scenes filmed in Glendale.

And thank you to Hidden Los Angeles (whom I follow on FB) for highlighting the story.

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Jose Los Angeles said...

The Picture looks like from 1982. What is your facebook to follow you, Love this Blog