Monday, March 5, 2012

Surprise Mosaics

You just never know when you're gonna run into a mosaic.

I was delivering a lunch to someone at Christ Lutheran Church & School in San Pedro, got buzzed in, and bam--floor to ceiling, at least 10 feet wide.

The church has existed since 1925, and it used to be on Cabrillo and 16th. The new campus on Western was bought in 1954, built in 1959, and dedicated in 1960.

This mosaic, which seems to be of porcelein tiles, some of them pearlized, includes this 1998 dedication, but no artist's signature. And that's all I know.

UPDATE: I have learned that the artist is Melinda Moore of Hermosa Beach (here's a page about her work at a local school), and the woman who did most of the work in assembling the mosaic was Mauryne Fennell.

Thank you, Julie Bender, for this information--and Julie Bender's mosaic, a work in progress, will be featured on Monday the 12th of March.

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