Friday, March 30, 2012

Hummingbird Pictures

If you've ever tried to get a hummingbird to pose for a picture, you may understand my frustration when I tell you that now, as my camera batteries are recharging and the picture disc is in the computer--now, when I can't possible take a picture--the little bugger is posing and watching me right outside my window, laughing hysterically. Of course.

I think this is a black-chinned hummingbird, although I suppose it could be a Costa or Anna's. It's iridescent green all over the back and wings, and there's a nest in the tree. Not the first time they've nested there, but well-hidden. I'm not exactly sure where, but neither are the local cats. And that's good.

Just to stay on the birding theme, here is a link to a map from KCET--the five best birding spots along the Los Angeles River. I did not know the river was 52 miles long.

The southernmost site is the Willow Street pool in Long Beach, near 23rd St. In the north, there's the Sepulveda Basin, Bette Davis Park, and Glendale Narrows. That's only five but maybe you'll have better luck loading the map.

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