Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Mary Pickford Institute v. Mary Pickford Foundation

Back in 2008, there was a kerfluffle about Mary Pickford's Oscars. Here's my last post on that. And this post has naught to do with it.

No, this post has to do with the Mary Pickford Institute for Film Education--the lucky nonprofit that actually OWNS the name. OTOH, it's not so lucky because it's just lost its funding. Read the Institute's post here (it's slightly whiny, but I suppose that's justified).

Apparently, the Institute--founded in 2002, over two decades after Ms. Pickford's death--was created and funded by the Mary Pickford Foundation. It was to preserve Pickford's legacy and provide educational outreach, and believes it has done well in that regard.

The Foundation, however--the main source of money for the Institute--has decided not to fund it anymore, and since I couldn't find a statement from them...

...I'm reduced to this article about the unfunding. It basically regurgitates the press release from the Institute, but scroll down to the comments.

The first comment says the Foundation "might" be under investigation for fraud and criminal activity.

The second comment implies tht the Institute is protecting a pedophile.

I have no idea what the backstory is, but really?


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