Monday, July 4, 2011

California Breezes in Signal Hill

Calbrisas Park in Signal Hill, right off PCH and California, features mosaic medallions embedded on the main walkway.

The city of Signal Hill commissioned the park a few years ago to enhance life in a "economically challenged" neighborhood.  Part of their commission was to include public art, which is the reason behind these medallions. Each features a different aspect of California: a mission, Yosemite, Joshua Tree, the Golden Gate Bridge, etc. Or Redwood Nation Park, here. (I don't see redwoods, but who cares? I love this coastal view.)

Artist John David Ciccetti, a landscape architect (the link is to his firm) and  lecturer at CSULB, did most of the work of designing and integrating the art and landscape in the park.

In 2006, he received an Award of Excellence from the California Parks and Recreation Society. Read about it here

In addition to the seven mosaics, the park's artwork also includes a decorative fence along the street that shows air--blowing grasses and lifting balls or balloons--a theme which continues over the entrance and "Calbrisas Park" sign, where kites fly.

I see many other parks on Ciccetti's website, mostly urban, using artistic fencing and inlays on the ground to create a play space or stage in  narrow areas surrounded by buildings.

At a Century 21 office, he used flower beds to create a mosaic effect when viewed from above.

Mostly, Ciccetti seems to be a genius at carving out spaces in quarters that should look cramped, given the dimensions.

The bottom picture here is in Long Beach--the East Village Arts Park. Click on it to see what I mean about creating a park space in an area that is challenging, to say the least.

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