Monday, July 25, 2011

Mayberry Elementary School Mosaic

Better than a picture, here is a video showing the installation of a mosaic on an 800-square-foot-exterior wall at Mayberry Street Elementary School in the Silver Lake area. Over the course of ten months, artist Didier Guedj  (pictured in the video) worked with 300 students, giving classes on Fridays, and inviting teachers and people from the neighborhood to come and help on the weekends.

The only problem is that the video shows the mosaic as a work in progress--it has no shots of the finished work. Here is a picture at right--the child magician is the mascot of the school.

Guedj is a self-taught mosaicist from San Francisco. On his website, Mosaics All The Way, Guedj documents all the processes involved in creating the Mayberry mosaic.

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