Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Tour Silent Movie Locations in Downtown

June 29th--Wednesday--the LA Conservancy presents a showing of Harold Lloyd's classic silent: Safety Last. 8 pm att the Orpheum Theatre--well, it's sold out.

So if you have tickets--Congratulations! If not, check with the Conservancy--maybe someone cancelled.

And whether you to go the show or not:

Author John Bengston presents a self-guided walking tour of the downtown locations of  the 1923 movie! Print it out here--with lots of pictures. The first 6 pages are the tour.

Just to whet your appetite, check out Bengston's blog entry on the film. The Blog is called Silent Locations, or Chaplin-Keaton-Lloyd Film Locations (and more!), which, coincidentally, happen to be the subjects of Bengston's excellent books, full of pictures.

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