Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Los Angeles as Star

"The top 25 of the last 25" is what the Los Angeles Times calls its list of movies made since 1983 (25 years ago) that best reflect the city's complexity and depth--or lack thereof.

The list is full of trivia tidbits, like the fact that the director of L.A. Confidential (#1 on the list), Curtis Hanson, is active with the L.A. Conservancy and got them on board to prevent the demolition of the Formosa Cafe.

Another nugget is that the neon signs and door from the Hollywood Star Lanes Bowling Alley--used in The Big Lebowski (#10) were salvaged when the building was torn down. They now adorn Lucky Strikes Lanes at the Hollywood and Highland Center.

The piece is fun and informal, and I may find my way to forgiving the Times for excluding my personal favorite LA 80s movie, Miracle Mile. Maybe. Let me sulk a bit on that.

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