Friday, September 26, 2008

Graveyard Tour at Angelus Rosedale Cemetery

In the same week that Spike Lee's movie about WWII Buffalo Soldiers is released (Miracle of St. Anna), a local history tour of a graveyard will feature the life of a real Buffalo Soldier.

Capt. Edward Lee Baker, Jr. fought in the Spanish American War with such heroism, rescuing another soldier by running through heavy fire, that he won the Congressional Medal of Honor. Capt. Baker died in 1913 and was almost forgotten until one Don Morfe, who has tracked down the graves of 2,800 Medal of Honor winners, found this grave and had a new marker placed over it. Read more about Capt. Baker's life in the Los Angeles Times article of Sept. 26.

Should you want to know about Morfe and his obsession, read this.

Since the West Adams Heritage Association holds their annual graveyard tour of Angelus Rosedale Cemetery this Saturday (every 25 minutes between 9 am and noon), Capt. Baker will be brought to life once more by re-enactor Albert Edmund Lord III. Other resurrected spirits include a radio actress, a beauty queen, a silent film actor, a mid-19th century photographer, and a founder of USC. A donation of $30 is requested. The cemetery is at Washington and Normandie. Ooops--the website says advance registration required, so go there.

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