Sunday, September 28, 2008

Broadway Hollywood Condos

How many fancy-pants lofts can claim to have been in a Charlie Chaplin movie? The Broadway Hollywood at Hollywood and Vine can--here's the blog entry on that. (That tidbit is also mentioned on the Broadway Lofts of Hollywood's history page.)

Saturday's Los Angeles Times details some of the perks of living in this historic building (Charlize Theron or Ivana Milicevic as a neighbor may entice some buyers, even in this market.)

The Times thoughtfully included a photo spread online, of three custom-designed lofts. The picture at right, btw, is from the National Archives Main Streets of America series and was taken in 1945.

A related story describes the loft of Dave Navarro (of Jane's Addiction), also in the building. The snakeskin dining room table is stunning.

Loft living is not for everyone, clearly, but seeing the old trappings of the Broadway itself must be a bonus. Maybe the Times will do a piece on that sometime.

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