Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Heritage Square and LA Heritage Alliance

If you've seen this building off the 110 but never bothered to exit and explore Heritage Square, now's your chance to redeem yourself.

This is the Hale House, built in 1887 on what is now Figueroa. Bessie Hovulsrud Hale, a waitress at the Pico House , bought it, turned it into a boarding house, and mortgaged it several times to finance other properties. She sounds like a forerunner of Conrad Hilton with a dash of Nellie Cashman.

From noon to 4 pm on Sunday, March 2, the public is invited to tour the museum at Heritage square and view the eight historic buildings moved there. Exit the 110 at Avenue 43, and go to 4800 Homer St. The cost for the afternoon is $10 ($5 for children); more info at the website.

Besides inviting us all to enjoy Los Angeles Heritage Day, the event is also a kick-off for LA Heritage Alliance. What's that? Well, LA Heritage Alliance would combine all the Historical Societies, Museum groupies and organizations like the Los Angeles Conservancy, into a big alliance with more clout than all the little groups. That way, they'll have more impact in their fight for historical preservation.


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