Monday, November 26, 2007

Olde Redondo Beach

This 1905 brochure, held by Wally G. Schidler, a collector of paraphenalia, was photographed at the recent 2nd Annual Archives Bazaar Program, held at the Huntington Library in September. Just one of many priceless and fascinating pieces of the past on display.

The brochure features text and photos showing the Hot Salt Water Plunge built by Henry Huntington, whose Pacific Electric Red Cars took visitors to Redondo Beach. (The cost from downtown Los Angeles was a quarter, and the ride took 50 minutes.) In Redondo, visitors could relax at a Carnation Garden, the beach and pier, restaurants rich with art noveau adornments, and other venues. After 1907, they could also see George Freeth, the man who walked on water, surfing.

The City of Redondo Beach maintains a history page, of course, with lots of details. The Carnation Gardens picture comes from them. The garden covered 12 acres east of Catalina Avenue, around Ruby and Saphire.

Another site with Redondo's history is maintained by the Chamber of Commerce. The Heritage Court Museum in Redondo Beach also has some online history.

Here's a 1916 postcard of the Hot Salt Water Plunge, the largest in the world, currently for sale on Ebay.

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