Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Recommended Los Angeles History Events

The LA Conservancy is offering a special tour of the restored Wilshire Boulevard Temple--a restoration that cost $47.5 million, which should make you feel better about the quotes you're getting for your roof.

That includes a docent-led tour of the original 1929 buildings; a performance by William Beck on the temple's pipe organ (I don't know how these things are measured but the organ has 4,000 pipes so I'm guessing the sound is spectacular); and talks by temple leaders and preservation architect Brenda A. Levin, FAIA, who oversaw the restoration.

The four-hour tour takes place on April 27.

But . . .

If tales of true crime are more your thing, Esotouric presents a Black Dahlia Bus Tour, departing at noon on April 5 from the Millennium Biltmore. You should return to the Biltmore in time for high tea, which strikes me as an odd thing for Esoutouric to point out because I wouldn't imagine that crime voyeurs are into high tea. I could be wrong (I often am).

I've mentioned the Da Camera Society before--that's the chamber music group that performs at historic homes and venues around Los Angeles. They'll be at the Doheny Mansion under the TIffany Dome on April 12 (Shoenberg & Tchaikovsky, followed by a catered reception) and on April 26 (jazz piano, followed by champagne & dessert). On May 3, several soloists will perform music by Corelli, Bruch, Debussey, Beethovan, and Dvorak. Is that varied enough? Is it even legal?

Chamber music--classical concerts in general--can be pricey, but Da Camera's Dance and Design events on April 5 & 6 are only $25 per ticket. Enjoy live dance and discussion about dance--specifically, Fred Astaire's dancing. (But not at the Doheny locale.)

Here are some other dates from their schedule:

  • April 27 at Artemesia in the Hollywood Hills

  • May 9th at the Farmers & Merchants Bank downtown with very modern music

  • May 18 at the San Gabriel Mission Playhouse

This last item is not an event but just a fun read: pictures of the Dresden Room highlight a blog post on "Friend Visiting from Out of Town Wants to Go to the Bar from Swingers" It appeared in LA Weekly and reminds me that we in Los Angeles (and environs) get to hang out at some pretty cool places.

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