Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Writers Calendar for Los Angeles...and Rodeo Drive in the 80s

Announcement time:

How many writers follow this blog? I have put up a gift for you: a calendar of events that would be of interest to scribes.

The WritersCalendarLA covers all sorts of events: social meetings and mixers, classes, seminars, panel discussions, full-on presentations (for example, the Writers Guild Foundation hosts a show tomorrow, Jan 17, 2013, featuring stand-up comics who've become writers), critique groups, Toastmasters for writers, you name it.

There are two exceptions to the above description--two types of events that are not listed on the calendar itself:

  • Poetry slams and readings: Poetix has a great calendar of these, so I simply refer people there.

  • Book signings by authors:  Too many to list, but under the Bookstores tab I have an alphabetical list of bookstores with links to their own calendars.

The WritersCalendarLA is color-coded by area so you can key in on the events close to you. Los Angeles is black, the Valley brown, the San Gabriel Valley and Pasadena purple, the Westside blue, South Bay pink, Long Beach into OC green.

As I've been telling people--the only reason an event is omitted is because I don't know about it yet. So please keep me informed.

And...just so I can say I stuck in some history here, guess which decade these dashing Rodeo Drive shoppers were snapped in?

This photo is © Anthony Hernandez, courtesy MACK /, and comes from a Flavorwire photo-essay, "Fascinating Street Shots of Rodeo Drive Shoppers in the '80s." And the 80s, as we all know, is Ancient History now.

Flavorwire has an eclectic mix of photos and lists--a third of them delight me, a third make me shrug, and the last third make me wonder "What sort of oddball would care about that?"

Vive le difference!


Will Campbell said...

I worked on Rodeo Drive in the early 1980s or at least underneath it. Specifically I was employeed in the stockroom (we called it the dungeon) of the long-gone Hunter's Books at the corner of Rodeo and Little Santa Monica.

Vix said...

So you were--at least when you came up for air--right in the thick of the trend setters.