Monday, January 14, 2013

Nisei Families & the Dominguez Rancho

California History and a Missing Chalice...gotta love that!

On January 17 (this Thursday) the Lomita Railroad Museum will present a:

"fascinating account of Nisei families who worked the land on what had been the Dominguez Rancho, the impact on them of the Alien Land Act of 1924, and correspondence uncovered in Dominguez estate records about how to protect their Nisei tenants. Also learn about the ongoing search for a missing chalice given by the Nisei families who lived on the Rancho in appreciation to the Dominguez family."

The photo is from our library, and shows the Dominguez Ranch House in 1936 (it's been rebuilt since.)

The talk--"Nisei Families & the Dominguez Rancho: A Story of Respect and Appreciation"--starts at 7 pm, after a half-hour reception.

The speaker is Toni Wasserberger, Professor Emeritus of English and History at El Camino College Compton Educational Center. She was co-developer of the Compton College Nisei History Exhibit created in conjunction with the 2010 graduation ceremony granting honorary degrees to 78 Compton College students whose studies were interrupted in 1942 when they were sent to internment camps.

Toni has also volunteered many years as docent at the Dominguez Rancho Museum.

The Lomita Railroad Museum is at 2137 W. 250th Street in Lomita (a residential neighborhood, but there is parking.)

RSVPs are appreciated. 

310-326-6255 or 310-326-0140

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