Monday, May 21, 2012

Mosaic Monday Returns to Claremont

I'll go back to the metro Expo line next week. Today I'm featuring pictures I took last month of the USBank at Indian Hill and Foothill Boulevards in Claremont.

This is the work of Millard fact, his studio was on Foothill, just a few blocks away.  See the modest little M.S. on this closeup? The mosaic faces south, on Foothill.

Another mosaic, shown below,  ornaments the ATM area across the parking lot. This was added in 1982, by Denis O'Connor.

This was once a First Pomona Federal Savings. How do I know? Well, duh, this mosaic tells me so! 

This one is slightly hidden, on the east side of the building.  Click on it for a larger image, showing all the exquisite detail. Professor Adam Arenson says that a discarded Home Savings & Loan design was used for this bank, and that the first mosaic and the bank name were built in 1969. He also says that in spite of Sheets' initials, some credit the art to Nancy Colbath.


Anonymous said...

wow wonderful.. very interesting...

Makalah Kita Semua said...

very inspirations.... nice mosaic