Monday, May 7, 2012

Crenshaw-Exposition Mosaic

As promised, today's Mosaic Monday features another mosaic from the newly-opened Expo Metro line. The title is "Wanderers."

The artist is Willie Robert Middlebrook, who has a piercing and intimidating stare (seriously. Check out his website and tell me if you disagree.) These mosaics are not the only artwork he completed for the station, but the other pieces are--near as I can tell--murals, rather than mosaics. You can see them here.

This second picture is from the Forbes photo essay I referenced last time, although I've cropped it a bit.

Middlebrook's main focus as an artist seems to be photography, and his blog expresses his artistic philosophy:

It's about the subject!
It's about the subject!
It's always about the subject!

His resume is impressive and far-reaching and I won't try to summarize it. Go read for yourself.

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