Tuesday, November 29, 2011

What is this Bird?

Any birders out there?

Last year I had hummingbirds in this tree, right where I could see 'em. This year, different birds have made their home in the tree, but on the far side, where I can't see.

Until today, when this tweetie pie posed for about ten minutes right in front of my window. He or she displayed profile views, the whole bit, while downing a couple of the berries of this laurel tree--until I got my camera.

I'm pretty sure this is a juvenile, but what kind?

The tail is short and a beautiful, deep medium ruddy brown, a very solid color just like the back. The bird has an eye ring that doesn't show well in these pictures, and its belly is gray. The beak seems to be black, but close to the face it's pale.

I think it might be a thrush, but I'm not sure.


Kev said...

I'd guess it's a hermit thrush

Kev said...

I'd guess it's a hermit thrush

Will Campbell said...

I'm not so much a birder as the owner of a field guide that is indispensable and always nearby. From it my best guess is that you made the acquaintance either of a hermit thrush or a fox sparrow.

Vix said...

Thanks! I eliminate the fox sparrow because the beak is thin, but a hermit thrush is probably it.

Anonymous said...

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Ysabelle said...

I love birds, they are so lovely!


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