Monday, August 1, 2011

Redondo Beach Mosaics

This charming jellyfish and sneaky little crab were created by Everything Mosaic--a newish artistic venture in Redondo Beach. Everything Mosaic just installed these two critters as part of a series of ten mosaics of sea life, along the newly-expanded Esplanade in Redondo Beach.

Everything Mosaic is made up of two very talented artists (Debbie Collette and Patti Linnet--sounds like the beginning of a bawdy limerick, doesn't it?) who happen to work together at Tulita Elementary School.

Katherine Blossom Lowrie wrote about them for Patch in Redondo Beach. Here is what Lowrie says about how Everything Mosaic started:

Five years ago, Collette and teaching aide Patti Linnet decided to create a mosaic out of extra mugs presented to teachers by the Tulita PTA. The mosaic, which graces the Teacher's Patio, ended up incorporating mementos contributed by teachers from the school's pre-renovation days—everything from keys to a fork to a screwdriver.

Lowrie's picture of a portion of the Teacher's Patio at Tulita School is at right.

About a year and a half ago, I blogged about their first venture: the Ocean Steps mosaics, leading from the Village Condos to the International Boardwalk at the base of Redondo Beach's pier.

Everything Mosaic has just installed another piece of art for the city, on five bollards on the Esplanade at Avenue C. Each bollard has two mosaics on it, one facing the street and one facing the ocean.

A bollard, btw, is a short post....I could almost call this piece a bollard by that definition! A bollard is a short post, architecturally speaking, made of stone or metal or wood.

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