Monday, August 15, 2011

Mayme Dear Library in Gardena

The Mayme Dear Library in Gardena was named after a librarian.

I love the name. Some cousins of mine had a silver-haired grandmother called Grandma Dear. The grandkids gave her that name because she called everyone "dear."

I am certain, therefore, that this lovely librarian called all the children "dear" when she handed them their books.

On to the mosaic!

It's mounted over the entrance and shows the development of books and printing. on seven slabs of black stone. A hand print precedes the the Egyptian writers--the handprint representing cave paintings. Underneath it all, a quote from Pliny the Elder: Were it not for books human culture would pass into oblivion as quickly as man himself.

Nice quote, but I must respectfully disagree. But since Pliny died in the eruption that buried Pompeii, we can't have a debate.

The artist is Livio Napolitani, and the artwork was created for the new library building, dedicated on December 5, 1964. The mosaic was cleaned and repaired in 2008. Another set of Napolitano's mosaics was profiled here last year.

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