Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Mosaic Tuesday

Grr...missed Mosaic Monday again. Not complaining--being busy and having fun are wonderful things, but I am sorry I couldn't come up with a mosaic yesterday.

So I will link to a wonderful blog post by Lillian Sizemore, which has a Los Angeles connection since she is a visiting artist at the Getty, conducting workshops since March on ancient patterns of mosaics. In fact, the art created by Lillian and her students will be sold as part of a fundraiser for Piece by Piece, in Los Angeles at The Mark (9320 Pico) on June 4.

This post shows how she and her students created "meander" mosaic borders, like the kind seen on ancient Greek and Roman mosaics.

On the post, there are tons of pictures showing the art created. In a previous article, she defines what meander means and where the term comes from. (Hint: there's a Maeander River in Homer.)

This bunny mosaic, about 1800 years old, was displayed at the Getty in a show of Tunisian mosaics in 2007, and it shows a meander pattern border.

(I have a refrigerator magnet of this mosaic. It's my favorite, partly because I was once the honored caretaker of a rabbit who is currently going for the world's record in bunny longevity.) (Which is neither hare nor there, I know.)


Will Campbell said...

Discovered your blog after finding a photo of the 1870 Lachenais lynching on the LA Public Library website. Googled the name and here we are, better late than never.

I look forward both to future posts and to diving into your archives!

Anonymous said...

hi Vix, thanks for the link and post about our Piece by Piece meander work. Happy to report the mural was one of the first items sold at the fundraiser last weekend, and will soon reside at a beach house in Malibu! woo hoo!

Vix said...

Thank you both for checking in!
Lillian, I linked to you again on June 6, when I found meander patterns at a local hospital.