Monday, April 4, 2011

Coronado Bay Playhouse

This mosaic sits outside a building labled: City of Coronado Community Playhouse.

It's actually the Coronado Playhouse, a 64-year-old institution which has occupied its present locale on Glorietta Bay since 2006. Before that, the playhouse operated in a high school auditorium, a quonset hut, and even a temporary "strung" structure--a pavillion.

The mosaic is titled "Sea Passage" by artist James T. Hubbell. Commissioned by the City of Coronado, it also has a less romantic name: Glorietta Bay Linear Park Artwork.

In 2007, the Port of San Diego gave the work its Orchid Award for Excellence in Public Art.

The Port of San Diego's Public Art program seems to be huge and well-funded, and there are mosaics all over the place down there--sea walls, schools, raised dividers at public intersections. Just sayin', while this will be my last bow to San Diego (at least till my next weekend trip), someone could power a blog for quite a while by taking pictures of all the lovely artwork in the area.

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