Wednesday, April 20, 2011

April 30--L.A. Stories

Sunday, April 30, from 11am to 3pm, KCET and the Mayor's Office is co-sponsoring an event at Rio de Los Angeles State Park. And holy cow, there's even a mosaic bench there.

The event is called StoryShares; the day is also Mayor Villaraigosa's Day of Service.  Food, festivities, Hiz Honor, and the band Ozomatli will all be present--fresh from Coachella and Napa, in the case of the band.

The point is collect stories about the people who live by the Los Angeles River. Your story. You can go online and fill out a form on how you enjoy the river, or wait for the Sunday event, where--if I understand rightly--there will be audio and video recording of memories going on. 

That same weekend, though, is the Los Angeles Times Festival of Books at USC, with hundreds and hundreds of authors and celebrities. People like Lisa and Carolyn See, Vincent Bugliosi, Steve Lopez, Jamie Lee Curtis (must be a memoir there), Jennifer Egan (PULITZER PRIZE WINNER!), Janet Fitch, etc. etc.

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