Saturday, February 19, 2011

Side-by-Side Freeth Busts

Here's a shot from Redondo Beach about ten days ago, showing the new bust of Surfer George Freeth, who died in 1919.

New, because the old copper bust was stolen and never recovered. By a lucky chance, the RB Historical Society had the molds from the original statue.

Luckier still, although the artist had passed on, his daughter, also an artist, was glad to recast and recreate the art. (Here's a Patch piece on the re-dedication of the statue, mentioning KellyO, daughter of Terry O'Donnell.)

The old statue stood further north--where the small family is headed. The pier parking lot is on their right, so the statue was far less visible and easily taken. The new location is Freeth Plaza. That's the Starboard Attitude upstairs to the left.

And here are two photos for a side by side comparison--one of the new bust, one of the old (old meaning 1977, when it was originally cast. That's old if you'r twenty, I guess...)

The right picture is from, courtesy of the Witts. But it really is the best picture showing the facial features. (If the owner asks, I will take the photo down.)

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