Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Freeth Bust Still Missing

On August 9, someone made off with the bronze bust of George Freeth that stood on a pedestal near the Redondo Beach pier. Read more about that in the Daily Breeze, and read more about Freeth--who brought surfing to southern California way back in the early years of the 20th century--at California's First Beach Boy.

The statue is still missing, in spite of the $5000 reward offered by Body Glove founder Bob Meistrell. The Redondo Beach police believe it was taken for the value of the copper, which may be worth hundreds--but not thousands--of dollars.

Terry O'Donnell, the artist who created the bust in 1977 died earlier this year. However--as the Daily Breeze pointed out last weekend, the plaster mold used to make the bust still exists, in the collection of the Redondo Beach Historical Society. So if it's not found, it can be recast. Yes, we can rebuild it . . . better . . . stronger . . . faster.

And hopefully it won't just get stolen again.

Not sure if that is the real reward poster above, but those with information can call either the Redondo Beach Police Dept. at 310-379-2477, or Body Glove at 310-374-3441, Ext. 292 or 277.

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