Sunday, August 24, 2008

Night at the Orphem

As of this date in 1938, the Orpheum Theatre on Broadway was playing both movies and vaudeville shows. You could spend your quarter on Booloo, shot in the Malay jungles and Singapore and starring no-one-I-ever-heard-of (Colin Tapley and Jayne Regan) and the Chaser, which seems notable only because an unknown Lana Turner's scenes were all deleted from the final cut.

If you chose the Vaudeville show instead, you could see Al Lyons' tribute to Will Rogers (who died in 1935), a duo on a tiny piano, another duo with a "comic burlesque ballroom dance," impersonators, acrobatic dancers, a whistler. . . feeling nostalgic yet?

Somehow, the regular network TV lineup doesn't seem so bad.

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