Wednesday, September 22, 2010

What's Fouling Redondo Beach?

Sorry, I know this is supposed to be history. But these photos were taken around 9am Sept. 22, 2010, just south of the Redondo Beach pier. What is the crud washing into shore?
There were big patches of it all over, whatever it is. And NO ONE was in the water.  I see nothing in the Daily Breeze; nothing on  What is this crud?


Anonymous said...

Broken up whale poop from all the recent whales gorging on krill. When they poop it out, it's orangey-red blobs, and as it breaks apart it turns into this....also as it mixes w/ the naturally occurring oil slick, it kinda turns into this foamy, somewhat orangey stuff.

Anonymous said...

Whale poop. It's orangey-red blobs from all the krill the blues were eating. It kind breaks down, and mixes a bit w/ the naturally occurring oil and you get this somewhat orangish foam stuff.

Vix said...

Seriously? Because, with my lack of knowledge about marine biology, I'd be way too easy to fool. Wow. Whale poop.
I'd like to suggest a story on this to a local publication. Would you be kind enough to recommend an expert source--online, in books, or a person, doesn't matter.