Monday, February 22, 2010

Jesus Gets a Little Help Calming the Seas

Catholic or not, everyone's probably heard the Biblical tale of how Jesus walked on the waters of the Sea of Galilee during a storm one evening, and calmed the choppy seas.  He also calmed his diciples, who thought they were going to be shipwrecked. This mosaic shows that scene, but apparently a little adjustment was in order after our recent storms. And the technicians who knew how to make that adjustment were ready, willing and able to make a house call, or church call....I don't get that kind of response from tech support or anyone else. Of course, being 50 feet tall and divine helps.

To be strictly accurate, the men aloft are working on the part of the mosaic showing the frightened disciples in a boat. At least, I think they're frightened. Doesn't the Bible say they were "sore afraid" ? But if you check out a closeup of this part of the mosaic on the church website, the fellows are pretty darn expressionless.

This is the other mosaic of St. Lawrence Martyr in Redondo Beach. I blogged on the first mosaic--showing St. Lawrence himself--a couple of months ago.

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