Monday, November 23, 2009

Mosaic Mondays

WELL, why not?

Mosaics are beautiful, though most fall into two categories: religious art, and Millard Sheets's work. There are some exceptions, and I'll try to find them. Every Monday. . . unless I forget.

This picture is found on the facade of St. Lawrence Martyr School in Redondo Beach. The parish dates back to 1956, I think, and the church was dedicated in 1957. The school followed shortly after, and I believe this mosaic was part of the original construction. It shows St. Lawrence, a third century martyr who died during the persecution of Roman Emperor Valerian, distributing alms to the poor.


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Saint Lawrence Catholic Church in Redondo Beach has other beautiful mosaics. On the outside front of the Church there is a large mosaic of Christ walking on water. Inside the church is a beautiful depiction of the Stations of the Cross which flank the main aisle, seven interconnected scenes on each side. There are also two hidden mosaics, sadly both covered over in an attempt to bring a more modern flair into the mix. One is behind the Virgin Mary, the other behind St. Joseph. Another truly beautiful mosaic is ouside of the church's back south east exit. It is a wall fountain on the old convent wall depicting Moses parting the Red Sea and leading the Jews out of exile. Magnifico!!

Vix said...

THank you! And I have mentioned the other exterior mosaic. You make an excellent point, that once we start lookng we find a plethora of rich, gorgeous mosaics in our churches and other sites.
I was at St. Hedwig's in Los Alamitos, built in 1989. A truly beautiful church--but there are no mosaics. None! My question--have mosaics gone out of style as a feature of churches since the late 1980s?