Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Greek Fest Next Weekend

At St. Sophia's. I've blogged about the elaborate church before so I won't repeat myself (here's the link to my post). The site for the Greek Festival information is here, but turn your speakers down if you're at work. Unless you want everyone to think that Tom Hanks is in your cubicle.

However, Tasting Table LA came up with a new angle. They say that in 1986, to celebrate the opening of Zorba the Greek (Anthony Quinn in a touring company at the Pantages), a contest was held to find the best baklava in Los Angeles. Helen Zachario won that contest. What's the tie-in? Well, Helen's sister, Georgia Vasila, is leading this year's baklava-making crew at St. Sophia's this weekend.

According to Tasting Table, "The bakers go through almost 100 pounds of phyllo, 100 pounds of honey, 150 pounds of walnuts and 50 pounds of almonds for the pastries alone."

They have the recipe for the baklava too. You can click here for the pdf, but if you go through the Tasting Table LA link, you get Georgia Vasili's tips for making it perfect.

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