Friday, September 18, 2009

Fiesta in Westchester!

There's gonna be a fiesta in Westchester this Sunday, September 20: the Heritage of the Rancho Days.

Place: the beautiful 175-year-old Centinela Adobe, 7634 Midfield Avenue in Westchester.

Time: Noon to 4 pm


  • Folklorico Dances
  • Mariachis
  • Pinata Party
  • Historical demos: Butter-churning, wool spinning, lace making
  • Lots of historical talks about the area--the birth of the Aerospace industry, Air travel, the Poultry Colony, etc.
  • The Adobe, all the grounds, the Freeman Land Office (built 1884), and the Haskell Heritage Center will all be open.

Did you know there are only 43 adobes left in the county? That's according to Wikipedia's entry on the Centinela Adobe. The undated picture above is from the Los Angeles Public Library, but what I find more amazing is this view from the Adobe, over the Rancho Aguaje del la Centinela Adobe, looking north to were the 405 is now.

The Adobe is near La Cienega. If you take 82nd St. east from Osage or Hindry, it goes left and turns into Midfield.

The Historical Society of Centinela Valley may be the only Historical Society in the area that hasn't got its own website yet. They do get a mention by the City of Inglewood on a page connected to the Centinela Adobe, and in these belt-tightening times (what a dumb expression, huh? Like any of us are getting thinner for lack of budget dollars.) it's not likely that the Society will get its own site in the near future. (Prove me wrong, please!)

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