Saturday, August 22, 2009

More Signs in Los Angeles County

No sooner had I finished the previous post about a studio in San Francisco selling linocuts of signs, some local, than I came upon a window display of sign pictures by a local photographer, Karen Mozian. If anyone wants to buy me an early Christmas present, prints of some of her local shots would do just fine.

Blame the glare on me; her pictures are quite wonderful. The Pantages sign photo is in full color but my picture-of-the-picture doesn't capture it well. The b&w sight on the right is actually taken in San Francisco. See the photographs in a better light at As for how much a print costs, I don't know that yet, but I'll try to find out and amend this blog with the price later.

Mozian has other shots as well: her Foster's Freeze sign was taken in Santa Cruz but looks exactly like the local places. She photographed the Millie Riera Seafood Grotto sign in Redondo (The sign is piece of history, but does anyone still living remember the restaurant? Seriously? It opened in 1948, and I hear Millie tended bar, giving rise to a few scandalous rumors, but I don't think it stayed open past the 1950s.) Photos of Philippe's in Los Angeles, Old Tony's on the Redondo pier ("Since 1952" the sign reads, but it's really since 1953. Just a bit of trivia that doesn't matter), an Arby's on PCH, the Vetter Windmill (Hermosa Beach), and Pacific Park in Santa Monica are also available.

I particularly like this pair. Rebo's is a local joint straddling the line between Hermosa and Redondo Beach. I must have passed it a thousand times before someone clued me in on the name. "Read it backwards." Oh, yeah. Not that anyone in the place is expected to remain sober.

Again, blame me for the quality of the picture--the Rebo's sign is b&w, while the Hangar Inn is in color. (Hangar Inn slogan: Slinging beer for 50 years!)


Kate Torres of RB & SF said...

Love your blog on Karen Mozian!! I too love her work & purchased her "It's Tops - SF BEST HOT CAKES" print for our kitchen!!

Vix said...

Small world--because that's one of the FEW San Francisco eateries I've actually been to as well, back in January of 2003. Thanks for checking in!

Greenport said...

betsy liegey from new york: karen this is absolutely amazing. I am blown away. How do i get a print???????

Anonymous said...

Terrific, Karen. Thank you so much for including me in the loop. Love, susan