Saturday, August 29, 2009

The Fire from Gardena

Not that this compares to the footage shot by TV cameras, but here's the incredible smoke plume/bank as seen from Western Avenue in Gardena. That's about thirty miles, going straight north.

Pretty impressive, The Palos Verdes fire could not be seen from points only 2-3 miles away, because of the canyons and hills.

But I guess the real story is that we're breathing all this gunk, one way or the other. Nothing can be done about that.


LAkompany said...

The photographer is standing on the west side of Western Avenue, south of Redondo Beach Boulevard in my old home town of Gardena. I think I went to that Sizzler when I was a kid.

Vix said...

Good call! And there was a bingo game going on in the VFW hall on the southwest corner too.
Thank you for all your kind comments--